A Legacy of Excellence


Brasher & Co. is an outdoor specialist company trained and experienced in multiple areas of outdoor living. We take on jobs of all sizes, from smaller properties both residential and commercial, to the largest properties that Brownwood has to offer.

Brasher & Co. combines knowledge of landscaping, irrigation of all sizes, rock work, swimming pool installations and outdoor lighting. After your lawn has been installed we have multiple crews that will maintain and keep your landscape looking beautiful. Whether your lawn is new, established or in need of help, Brasher & Co. can help.



Our landscape crew has years of experience. We specialize in all types of planting, native, xeroscaping, all types of hardscapes including cement, stone, granite, and pavers.

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custom Swimming Pools

Since 2012, we have been incredibly busy constructing pools, decks, and hot tubs. We would like the opportunity to design a pool for you that's as unique as your home.

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